COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: A classroom set of ukuleles would be music to one teacher’s ears

COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: A classroom set of ukuleles would be music to one teacher’s ears
Teacher is hoping to get a classroom set of ukuleles for her students (Source:

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The music teacher at Emereau Bladen Charter School says there’s something unique missing in her classroom.

“We currently have a small number of keyboards, xylophones, hand drums, boomwhackers, and standard classroom instruments,” Lauren Thomas says.

The general music teacher, though, who teaches all 550 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grades one hour each week wants more.

“A classroom set of ukuleles would greatly enhance our music program,” she says on the Donors Choose website. “Overall, the students enjoy and are interested in music, but I do not have enough of a single type of instrument to provide group instruction on reading and creating music.

Ms. Thomas is asking for about $1500 worth of ukuleles on the Donors Choose site, an online charity that helps teachers gets donations for special projects.

“Students will learn to work together and play together to create something beautiful that they can be proud of,” Thomas says. “Students that don't like to sing will be better equipped to enjoy learning music. The students' work will be showcased at our Spring and Fall Concerts. Middle School Chorus students that would not have had the opportunity to learn an instrument, now will!”

So far, Ms. Thomas has received about half the money needed to purchase the ukuleles. She still needs $763. Once her project is fully funded, Donors Choose will purchase the ukuleles and deliver them to the school.

If you would like to help fund Ms. Thomas’ project, click here.

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