‘One of the biggest corporate crimes in history:' Mark Ruffalo talks contaminated water and his role in ‘Dark Waters’

Mark Ruffalo talks contaminated water and his role in ‘Dark Waters’

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - ‘Dark Waters,’ a movie about contaminated waters in West Virginia hit the big screen in Wilmington Tuesday night. In the film, lead actor Mark Ruffalo plays a lawyer who helps break the case involving DuPont’s dumping of illegal waste.

Ruffalo spoke on a panel with county commissioner Jonathan Barfield and local breast cancer survivor Cara Keenan before the movie was presented at Thalian Hall.

“How do we get to the point where we can let water be this contaminated and make a judgment statement about the value of a human being over the value of a corporate profit,” Ruffalo said.

The struggles the West Virginia town experiences in the film is eerily similar to Wilmington’s GenX crisis. Ruffalo said he took on the film because he wanted to give a voice to the people he says companies feel they can overpower.

“When I read the story I couldn’t believe,” said Ruffalo. "It was literally probably one of the biggest corporate crimes in history and none of us knew about it. We were all poisoned and none of us had a choice about it.”

Commissioner Barfield joined Ruffalo in the talks and said the county is working on a filtration system that will essentially filter out all of GenX and other toxic chemicals.

Ruffalo will head to Raleigh on Wednesday to continue his talks about contaminated waters in a hopes of pushing for stronger restrictions and more action taken against big companies who pollute.

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