Hampstead residents voice criticism over proposed sand mine development at public hearing

Hampstead residents voice criticism over proposed sand mine development at public hearing

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Homeowners in Hampstead spoke out against a proposal to re-zone over 500 acres of land for the development of sand mines Tuesday night in a public meeting.

Developer Jamestown Pender LP submitted a letter to adjacent property owners that the Hampstead Bypass project will divide the company’s property in a way that will no longer allow for mixed-use development. The bypass project is slated to begin construction later this year by the NCDOT.

The Castle Bay Property Owner’s Association Board circulated a petition and planned for a strong showing at the developer’s public hearing for adjacent property owners Tuesday night.

Many residents who spoke at the public meeting objected to the air pollution and the level of noise that would result from the construction.

Josh Cowan lives in Hampstead and came to the public hearing to voice his concerns over potential health impacts the project could pose.

“I don’t think they should be placing a sand mine in the backyards of residents, let alone budding up right next to the backside of a high school. There are far too many children affected," Cowan said. “If they’re not caring for their own brothers and sisters or the children of our community, which is our future, then you know, where is their heart at? Where is their soul at?”

Cowan believes the amount of vocal criticism expressed by residents Tuesday night will make a difference.

“Once they realize people actually care about their children, about their community, about their seniors in the area and their own health and well-being, for sure. I think they’ll derail, they’ll go in, they’ll build another housing development in the area, you know, that’s what they should do in the first place. They shouldn’t put a mine in the back of peoples yards and they shouldn’t put a mine next to kids."

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