Leland group holds meeting discussing solutions on littering

Leland group holds meeting discussing solutions on littering

LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - The Alliance for a Litter Free North Carolina and Greater Leland Beautification Coalition held their first meeting Saturday about the litter epidemic going on within the town.

Dozens of people filled the room to voice their concerns and to find a possible solution. Solutions like reaching out to local politicians and joining the adopt-a-highway program were options.

“They’re hoping they can impress them and how wonderful it is down here but all their family can see is the trash along the roads, the filth, even the shopping areas," said Nancy Celli, founder of the organizations. "When they’re leaving the last words on their mouth is I just cant believe how filthy it is down here and how can you live like this.”

The littering problem in the area is one that has gained plenty of steam over the past few weeks. Town leaders have chimed in and said they plan to bring it to the attention of others during upcoming town meetings.

The groups starting this push are grassroots organizations who are trying to push for something bigger. Nancy Celli, the founder of them both said she plans on starting a march on the capital in Raleigh to push for stricter punishment on litter laws, ask the NCDOT gets more money for cleanups and help educate the public to change bad habits of littering.

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