Driver breaks window to rescue passenger from submerged car in Pender County

Driver breaks window to rescue passenger from submerged car in Pender County

PENDER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Two people were able to safely escape a car after they were swept away by floodwaters in Pender County.

On Monday morning, a driver and his passenger hydroplaned on Croombridge Road into a ditch, where the car began filling with water.

The driver says he was looking to make sure he wouldn’t hit any deer, but had no idea the road ahead was flooded.

The crash happened just before daybreak, so the rising floodwaters were hard to see.

The driver says water began to rise up to his window after the car slid into the ditch. He was able to get out and swim around to the passenger side of the car and break the window to rescue the woman sitting in the front seat.

The passenger says he saved her life because she couldn’t swim.

Both the driver and passenger walked away without major injuries, but say the incident shook them both up.

Waters continue to rise on the Cape Fear River and are expected to crest near Burgaw by Wednesday.

“Please be cautious of where you’re driving, especially at night. Some of the areas in the county, especially the low lying areas that flood routinely, please be cautious of that. The NCDOT has been assisting the local agencies, they are putting out high water signs and monitoring the situation as well as our crews across the county, the emergency services know where these areas are and will continue to monitor them,” assistant emergency manager Tommy Batson said. “We do have the resources to respond and help you and hopefully we respond in time because once you run off, that water is still rising. Your car is going to be underwater in just a few minutes.”

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