'Sometimes we don’t even leave the house at night’: Victim named in fatal Wilmington shooting

'Sometimes we don’t even leave the house at night’: Victim named in fatal Wilmington shooting

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A man is accused of fatally shooting another man in Wilmington late Tuesday night.

Donte Jamar Rollinson, 45, has been charged with first-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a felon.

38-year-old Jason Stokes died at the scene of the shooting. Wilmington Police arrived on the scene after responding to a ShotSpotter alert in the 600 block of Fullwood Street at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Officials say Rollinson was taken into custody near the scene.

WECT spoke to several neighbors about the incident. Some didn’t have much to say, others were shocked, but Christopher Dayton this is nothing new for the area.

“We heard a gunshot. It sounded like a firecracker. Usually, we hear gunshots. We get down. It’s not the first around here," said Dayton.

He says he didn’t know Jason, or Bishop, as some called him. Dayton said he was a good neighbor.

“He was always standing out here with his dog," said Dayton "He was a pretty nice guy. Well respected in the neighborhood. He’s always been polite to me.”

He moved into the home in front of the house where the shooting happened three months ago. Dayton says he thinks the area needs more police patrol.

“Every day, they sit out here and they stay out for two-to-three hours, but they don’t come around at night,” says Dayton. "During the day, nobody’s really out doing anything. Sometimes we don’t even leave the house at night.”

When asked what he thinks is a factor in the violence around his home, Dayton had one answer.

“Drugs," said Dayton. "Probably drugs. Just a wild guess. You see it on the corner. I get flagged down every day I’m leaving. People asking if I want something. It’s getting bad out here.”

According to the N.C. Department of Public Safety website, Rollinson has more than a dozen previous convictions, including drug-related charges and armed robbery.

He was released from prison in June of 2019 after a parole violation conviction.

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