League of Women Voters celebrates 100 year anniversary

League of Women Voters celebrates 100 year anniversary

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The League of Women Voters of the Lower Cape Fear (LWVLCF) celebrated its 100th anniversary Monday, as well as the passage of the 19th amendment.

“We’re excited that we’re 100 years old and women can vote for the past 100 years, but were also celebrating the fact that women and men have been working to enfranchise all people and had to work hard to do that,” said LWVLCF President, Clarice Reber. "Many people were not enfranchised until 1965 until the passage of the voters right act, and celebrating the fact that we’re still working hard to enfranchise all people — it’s one of our major goals and objectives.”

Made up of a diverse group of people, the LWVLCF was first founded in 1920 out of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The organization’s goal is to empower voters and defend democracy.

During the celebration Monday, they highlighted the importance of voting in the younger generation as well.

“You need to vote. You need to vote for a lot of reasons. You need to vote because your voice, does count," Reber said. "Many people think well it doesn’t matter I’m just one vote, but if a lot of people feel that way it doesn’t happen. The people that vote the most are my age [seniors]. We have a certain perceptive on life. Do you want your country run only on the perspective of only certain people. You need to have your voice and what you think is appropriate for our county to be doing and I think if you don’t vote than your voice doesn’t count.”

Here’s a look at some of the events the LWVLCF has planned over the next few weeks: http://bit.ly/2RzP3HH

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