20-year-old Virginia man has leg amputated after severe complications from flu

20 year old Petersburg man has leg amputated after severe complications of the flu

PETERSBURG, Va. (WWBT) - A Petersburg family says a severe case of the flu led to their loved one having to have his leg amputated.

Twenty-year-old Deante Ross is on a ventilator due to trouble breathing and low blood pressure - serious conditions that his family says all stemmed from a current strain of the flu.

When what appeared to be a simple cough took a turn for the worst, they rushed the 20-year-old to urgent care. Once there, doctors ordered he be airlifted to VCU Medical Center.

"It was like it hit him out of nowhere,” Diesha Ross said.

It was a severe case of the flu they never saw coming. Deante Ross woke up with a faint cough and a fever. His family treated the symptoms thinking that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t.

"Then all of a sudden he couldn’t breathe really good…he had extremely bad back pain,” Diesha Ross continued about her stepson. “They ran tests on him and they showed that he had the flu with pneumonia and a massive infection.”

He had to be airlifted to VCU Medical and is now on a ventilator. There are complications with blood flowing to his hands and legs, causing one leg needing to be amputated on Thursday. It could be the first of more amputations.

"Seeing him hurt and we can’t do anything about it…as parents, you’re so used to if something goes on with your children, you can fix it but this is one situation that we couldn’t fix,” Diesha Ross said.

So they’re back and forth to the hospital to help get him through this.

“I want to make everyone aware. Anybody, we can save this from happening because you don’t want to see your kid, your step-kids, anybody in your family go through what we’re going through now. It’s rough,” she said.

Because the flu has forever changed their lives.

"What we thought was a little cold could be something so major…We need his lungs to be restored so he can get off this ventilator support and be able to live, live and be normal,” Ross said.

It’s a long road to recovery. Deante will need at least one prosthetic leg, maybe another as well for his hands if they have to be amputated too. The family says they are keeping their faith through the ordeal.

There is a fundraiser to help with his recovery that can be found, here.

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