Nurse helps 71-year-old attacked by dogs at site of possible dog fighting ring

Nurse helps 71-year-old attacked by dogs at site of possible dog fighting ring
Possible dog fighting ring in York Co. (Source: WBTV)

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - York County Animal Control is taking care of 14 dogs Monday, seized over the weekend from a property in York County.

The sheriff’s office now says they are investigating this as a possible dog fighting ring.

They say they learned about the location after a 71-year-old family member of the homeowner was attacked by a pit bull trying to feed the dogs. According to a nurse who went by the scene, the victim was bitten in the leg. It’s unclear what her condition is now.

“I saw a woman in the driveway looking distraught," said Whitney Carpenter. "I said ‘Hey, I’m a nurse. Can I help?’ And that’s when she said Christine was attacked by a dog.”

She said she helped calm the woman down as they waited for the paramedics to get there.

“I did see some dogs there, chained up, kinda scary because I wasn’t sure if the dog that bit her was still loose," Carpenter said.

York County Animal Control seized 14 dogs from the property. Officers on scene said the dogs were improperly restrained and had little food and water. There was also evidence of dog fighting, which is now something deputies are investigating.

“A dog will follow its master. If you want to teach a dog to be cruel, its going to be cruel. If you tie a dog to a tree, poke at it, kick it, it’s going to be mean to people, its going to hurt people," said Janet Richardson who runs Richardson Rescue.

Richardson says in her experience, dog fighting and animal abuse is a big issue in York County. She says the hopes the county makes a bigger effort in stopping this kind of behavior.

“They need to like offer a reward for somebody turning someone in and then you need the police department and animal control," she said.

The victim’s relative, 38-year-old Ronald Edward Faulkenberry, was arrested on 58 charges following the investigation.

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