Meet Marcia Morgan, a candidate in the democratic primary for the 19th District seat in the NC House of Representatives

Marcia Morgan is a candidate in the democratic primary for the 19th District seat in the NC House of Representatives in 2020
Published: Jan. 20, 2020 at 2:58 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Four candidates are seeking their party’s nomination in the primary elections for the newly re-drawn 19th District seat in North Carolina’s House of Representatives. Marcia Morgan and James Dawkins are the candidates in the democratic primary, with Charlie Miller and David Perry running in the republican primary. The primary winners will face each other in the 2020 General Election in November.

All of the candidates agreed to be interviewed at WECT, answering the same questions on a range of issues that includes education, healthcare, opioid addiction, economic growth, environment and gun violence.

Morgan, 73, entered the military after a career as a teacher, and retired as a colonel after 25 years of service. When asked what she considers the biggest issue in the district and the state, Morgan believes it is education.

“I believe that with a strong public education you can influence all aspects of life and we really need to start there,” Morgan said. “With education you develop a population that understands how to think, how to reason. They understand that the environment is important. If you build a well-educated populous, that’s going to enhance your economy. It’s going to encourage corporations to come in and take advantage of that educated workforce. I also believe that in a good public education, you have a cross section of people, and it’s a better opportunity for people to learn equality. All of it is just building blocks that come together.”

If you would like to hear Marcia Morgan’s response to questions on specific issues, you can go to the corresponding time in the interview listed below:

00:45 Candidate’s biography

02:00 Why she decided to run for office in 2020

02:35 Why she is best candidate in primary

03:15 What she considers the most important issue of the campaign

05:20 Does she support exploring for oil and natural gas off east coast?

06:25 What should be done to keep GenX contamination from happening again?

08:00 What types of jobs should be recruited to the area to spur economic growth?

09:00 How to address the affordable housing issue?

10:15 Where does she stand on North Carolina expanding Medicaid?

11:45 What should legislature do to provide recovery resources to those suffering from opioid addiction?

13:20 What is her stance on sheriffs in NC being forced to honor ICE detainers?

13:55 What is her plan for education spending, to include pay raises for teachers?

15:30 Where does she stand on confederate memorials standing on public property?

16:15 Should there be a time limit on sessions of the NC General Assembly?

17:35 How to stop mass shootings and lower rates of gun violence?

18:35 Does she support a ban on assault-style weapons?

18:40 Does she support universal background checks?

19:00 What other issue of vital importance was not addressed in interview?

Early voting for the March primary elections begins on February 13, 2020. To check early voting site locations, dates and times in your county click here. Election day is March 3, 2020.

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