Meet Chris Ward, a candidate in the democratic primary for North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District

Chris Ward is a candidate in the NC7 democratic primary in 2020

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Three candidates are seeking the democratic nomination in the Seventh Congressional District primary election, hoping to oppose incumbent Rep. David Rouzer in November.

Robert Colon, Mark Judson and Christopher Ward all agreed to be interviewed at WECT, answering the same questions on a range of issues that includes immigration, healthcare, security, trade and gun violence.

Ward, 46, works in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and is a business owner in real estate. When asked what he considers the biggest issue in the campaign and the country, Ward said he thinks it is valuing the labor force in America.

”The economy is doing well right now, there’s no doubt about that, “ he said. “We need to respect the value of labor than we do right now. We give businesses tax breaks, but we don’t respect the man and woman working in those industries as much as we do the industry. We need to increase wages.”

If you would like to hear Chris Ward’s response to questions on specific issues, you can go to the corresponding time in the interview listed below:

00:30 Candidate’s biography

01:15 Why he decided to run for office in 2020

01:50 Why he is best candidate on the democratic slate

02:40 What he considers the most important issue of the campaign

04:05 How to stop mass shootings and lower rates of gun violence?

04:50 Does he support a ban on assault-style weapons?

04:55 Does he support universal background checks?

05:15 On immigration, what he thinks should happen to ‘dreamers’, children of immigrants brought to United States as children?

06:10 What is the best way to increase security along US southern border?

07:35 His plan regarding healthcare coverage for uninsured or underinsured Americans

08:35 Does he support exploring for oil and natural gas off east coast?

09:35 What is his view on the USMCA pact replacing NAFTA?

10:35 How to best handle trade policies with China?

11:45 What foreign leader or country poses the biggest threat to US security?

13:00 What other issue of vital importance was not addressed in interview?

Early voting for the March primary elections begins on February 13, and runs through February 29. To check early voting site locations, dates and times in your county click here. Election day is March 3, 2020.

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