Women’s rights rally brings hundreds to downtown Wilmington

Women’s rights rally brings hundreds to downtown Wilmington

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Millions of people have taken to the streets this weekend to protest women’s right, including hundreds lining city hall steps in Wilmington.

“We must stand up,” screamed a speaker at the rally.

A familiar rallying cry heard throughout the country. Men, women and children alike, turning out to support the cause, all to spread a message.

“Equality is what we’re after for everybody,” said Lynn Shoemaker, the organizer of the rally. “Everybody should be equal.”

The color of the day was pink, the majority wearing the same color on some part of their body. There was undivided unity throughout the crowd, who said they are fighting for their future and trying to break the stigma of how women and others are thought about as people and as lawmakers in office.

“When people say college graduate the mean young, middle class white men," said another speaker. "When people say feminist, they think angry white women. I am a college graduate; I am a feminist. I am not angry, but serious, I am a Unicorn.”

The fight for Women’s Rights regained steam after the 2016 election, when Donald Trump became the President. With nine months left until the 2020 election, activists say they plan to push even harder for equality.

“We’re putting it all in and we’re going to work tirelessly over the next nine months," said Shoemaker. "Nine months is significant to women. We’ve carried big loads for nine months before, and we’ll make that final push and we’re going to change the face of power.”

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