Court documents provide new details into Kim Bland’s murder

Court documents provide new details into Kim Bland’s murder
Andrew Boynton and Kim Bland. (Source: New Hanover County Sheriff's Office/WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - As the investigation continues into the murder of a Wilmington woman, new details are emerging about what police discovered at the scene of the crime, and the activities of her accused murderer in the days leading up to the discovery.

Kim Bland, who was well known in Wilmington’s film community, was found in her apartment off Randall Parkway on Nov. 7, reportedly stabbed to death.

Two days later, authorities in Virginia arrested her roommate, Andrew Boynton, after he was found with her car. He was later extradited to New Hanover County and charged with first-degree murder.

Search warrants obtained by WECT paint a picture of exactly what officers found when they gained access to Bland’s home and vehicle, and conversations they say Boynton had with her friends in the days after she disappeared.

A grisly discovery

When Bland was reported missing by friends and family, Wilmington police went to her apartment to conduct a welfare check. According to the warrants, officers noticed a rug pushed behind a couch that seemed “out of place,” so they asked the court for permission to search the premises.

When they did, the found Bland’s body wrapped in black trash bags and rolled up inside the rug.

Officers collected several items from Bland’s apartment, including the rug she was found in, and a roll of black trash bags, a roll of duct tape and a pillow, as well as a tray of 15 knives.

They also took withdrawal slips and other banking information.

Previously obtained search warrants showed police found video evidence of Boynton using Bland’s credit and debit cards at various ATMs, but the new documents indicate police have video evidence of Boynton purchasing trash bags and an area rug.

That purchase allegedly occurred on Nov. 5, two days before Bland’s body was found.


In warrants asking for access to Bland’s and Boynton’s cell phone records, it’s noted that officers sought out Bland’s ex-boyfriend, with whom there was a documented history of domestic violence. Editor’s note: Bland’s ex-boyfriend is named in the warrants, however, WECT did not include his name as he has not been charged with any crime in connection with Bland’s death.

As Bland’s friends became more concerned over her disappearance, they reportedly asked Boynton about her whereabouts, and he said she was in Florida with the ex-boyfriend.

Bland’s ex-boyfriend also reportedly contacted Boynton, but the latter did not recognize the former. At that point, Boynton told him that Bland was with the ex-boyfriend, which the ex-boyfriend knew was not the case, as he was calling to check on Bland’s welfare.


Wilmington police also solicited the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigations to help process Bland’s vehicle for forensic evidence. In particular, the warrant notes authorities were interested in the possibility the person who murdered Bland had attempted to dispose of evidence by cleaning the scene.

Bland operated a cleaning business, and officers found cleaning supplies both in her home and in her automobile after it was recovered from Virginia.

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