ILM announces seasonal non-stop flights to Boston

ILM announces seasonal non-stop flights to Boston

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Wilmington International Airport on Tuesday announced that it served over one million passengers in 2019, a milestone for the airport.

In addition to the news of the record-breaking year, ILM officials say the airport will start offering seasonal non-stop flights to Boston prior to the summer travel season.

American Airlines will offer the flights to Boston Logan International Airport on Saturdays from May 9 to Aug. 15.

“We just thank the local community for supporting ILM and our partners,” says Julie Wilsey, Airport Director. “Each time they add a new flight or destination our travelers come and support that and we thank them for that. We couldn’t do the million passengers without them, that’s why we’re saying ‘thanks a million’.”

ILM is attributing the 15% passenger growth, from the 2018 year, to an increase in larger aircraft, increase in the frequency of flights, and an increase of community support.

“Of course, as you know now, we’re in the throws of a large expansion at this airport to better accommodate all these new passengers so were really excited," says Donna Girardot, Chair of the Airport Authority. "We just announced our new flight this summer going to Boston from Wilmington. So, hopefully that will do well enough that we will be able to make that a permanent flight and not just a seasonal flight.”

Customers can start booking those flights starting Jan. 18.

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