Local group joins Australian relief efforts

Local group joins Australian relief efforts

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Kelsey Kelly and the Plastic Ocean Project have joined forces to help the Australian relief effort after the country has battled bush fires for weeks now.

“I don’t view it as me helping Australia, I view it as me helping my fellow people," said Kelly. "For me this is just giving back to a community that has already helped us so much, especially because they have such a rich biodiversity and now its being severely impacted by these fires.”

Kelly was in her basement when the she found the idea of making bat wraps and from there she and her husband bought the materials and started. But, when she posted on Facebook about it, she says the support was incredible.

Australia is said to have one of the most diverse animal populations in the world. And as of today scientists have estimated around 1-billion of those animals have lost their homes due to the fires.

The groups are hand-making animal beds, pouches and anything else that can act as comfort for the animals who’ve lost their homes.

Kelly said they plan to send them out as soon as they can, and hopes this won’t be the last time the group shows support.

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