North Brunswick High School swimmer ready to battle the best

North Brunswick simmer

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - North Brunswick High School doesn’t have a swim team, but is still home to one of the best swimmers in the state.

Scorpion senior Austin Winchester, who swims for the Waves of Wilmington club team, started swimming when he was eight years old and wanted to beat his older sister.

Now the NC State signee spends hours in the pool each day.

“It's four plus hours every day,” said Winchester. “It's if we do weights, dryland or yoga. Swimming itself is two hours. Then an hour of driving at least.”

Winchester’s coach David Sokolofsky says that he makes the most of his time in the pool

“He’s the hardest working kid I’ve ever coached in 15 years,” said Sokolofsky.

To go along with that work ethic, he has the potential to get bigger and strong.

“Right now, I think I have a pretty high ceiling to go,” said Winchester. “I’m very underdeveloped physically. I’m skinny and weak. But I don’t really let that stop me. I hope once I get strong, I’ll get a lot faster.”

“He's 6-7 so he has a really big frame on him,” added Sokolofsky. “He has a way to go developing into a man. So, once he fills out and develops some of that man strength, they'll be a very high ceiling for him for sure.”

It’s that potential that has him dreaming someday of winning championships.

“I think it would be fantastic to be an NCAA champion,” said Winchester. “And that’s really far away. Obviously, everyone has a dream of the Olympics. Those goals are super far. Right now, I’m focused on one meet at a time. And nothing major right now.”

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