‘He lived a full life’: Former QB, Ron ‘Sunshine’ Bass, remembers late coach Herman Boone

Former T.C. Williams quarterback Ron Bass remembers legendary high school football coach Herman...
Former T.C. Williams quarterback Ron Bass remembers legendary high school football coach Herman Boone, who was the center of the movie, "Remember the Titans."((Source: T.C. Williams High School/WMBF News))
Updated: Dec. 19, 2019 at 4:18 PM EST
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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Preparation and hard work: those are two qualities one former player said he learned from legendary high school football coach Herman Boone that applies to his life every day.

Ron Bass is the national-regional sales manager at WMBF News, but 48 years ago, he was the star quarterback that led his team to a high school championship under the leadership of Boone in 1971. He was famously portrayed in the movie “Remember the Titans” by Kip Pardue who had to cut his long blonde locks in order to be on the football team.

Boone died on Wednesday at the age of 84. Bass said he had been battling cancer for a few months. He said he didn’t know about the illness and doesn’t believe that the other guys on the team knew either.

“He was 84. Guess he lived a full life. I was really sad yesterday when I heard he died because he was really instrumental in bringing Alexandria together after the desegregation battle back in ‘71,” Bass said. “He came in, he was a tough coach, but fair, but I think that’s exactly what the city needed at the time.”

Bass said that it was actually three high schools that were forced to combine during desegregation in 1971. He said one was all white, one was all black and T.C. Williams was already a little bit integrated.

Bass also revealed that when Boone named him the starter, not everyone was happy about it.

“When he named me a starter, he said that some of the black players on the team were going to boycott the season,” Bass said. “I didn’t know at the time, he never told me and I never really saw that but apparently there were some players who wanted to boycott. But he was fair, and he was true to his word that the best players played.”

Bass said he and Boone kept in touch over the years. He said Boone would call him up when he was speaking nearby and Bass would introduce him.

Bass said the last time they were together was when they traveled down to Florida for a speech.

But as Bass reflects on his time with his former coach, he remembers what Boone taught him that he said he applies to his life every day.

“Preparation, hard work, be on time, be present and things usually work out if you put all that into it,” Bass said.

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