Rouzer challenger Pete D’Abrosca candidacy canceled by state elections board

Rouzer challenger Pete D’Abrosca candidacy canceled by state elections board

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA, N.C. (WECT) - The lone challenger to incumbent Republican Congressman David Rouzer may not end up on the ballot at all, as state officials have canceled his notice of candidacy.

Pete D’Abrosca registered to vote with a Wrightsville Beach address on Dec. 3 but the North Carolina State Board of Elections canceled his filing to run for office because he does not meet a 90-day requirement with the Republican party.

“Notice of candidacy has been canceled because he did not meet the 90-day requirement for affiliation with a political party,” NCSBE spokesperson Patrick Gannon said.

The state statute reads: “No person shall be permitted to file as a candidate in a party primary unless that person has been affiliated with that party for at least 90 days as of the date of that person filing such notice of candidacy.”

Gannon explained D’Abrosca has the opportunity to appeal the cancelation and can present evidence to the state board in a quasi-judicial hearing, similar to any other kind of candidate challenge.

D’Abrosca indicated by email Thursday afternoon he intends to appeal.

“Since failed GOP ‘leaders’ Tim Moore and Michael Whatley are allowing unelected bureaucrats in Raleigh to choose who gets to run in Republican Party primaries, who are now trying to keep conservatives off the ballot, my campaign has lawyered up and is prepared to do what the GOP fails to do for its voters daily - fight.,” he said.

D’Abrosca is running primarily on a platform regarding immigration — promoting a moratorium on all net immigration for ten years.

Two Democrats, Mark Judson and Christopher Ward, have filed for the office as well.

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