Victim’s mom disappointed in judge after teen murder suspect released on bond, no ankle monitor

District Attorney’s office requested a bond reconsideration hearing Monday morning, but Judge Robert Bell did not change the bond amount. Instead he added release conditions.

Victim’s mom disappointed in judge after teen murder suspect released on bond, no ankle monitor
Mom disappointed after son's suspected killer out on bond, no ankle monitor (Source: WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -A man accused of killing a woman’s son is out on the street without an ankle monitor. Michael Sio-Somah bonded out of jail, mere hours after the police chief announced he won’t be monitoring murder suspects anymore.

Sio-Somah is accused of killing Calvin Haines, who died in a shooting at an Uptown Airbnb party.

For the last two weeks, Kou Weasah, hasn’t been able to sleep. She says she’s been disappointed with the court system after her son’s suspected killer is out on bond without an ankle monitor.

“I’ve been sleeping on my couch watching, I got bells on my door," said Kou Weasah. “It’s not right, it’s not fair. There is no justice.”

The district attorney’s office requested Sio-Somah’s bond be reconsidered. Judge Robert Bell didn’t change the bond at the hearing on Monday morning but added new conditions for his release.

In addition to house arrest, police can now search his home without a warrant to make sure he’s there.

But a local organization that holds the Mecklenburg County courts accountable thinks this is the start of a dangerous precedent when murder suspects can pay their bond.

“Unfortunately, I think it’s going to get worse and worse. Basically they set the precedent now and every defense attorney is going to argue, ‘Such and such did it so why can’t my client?’" said Marcus Philemon with Court Watch. "I think it sets a very poor precedent.”

WBTV talked to a judge a few weeks ago about why bonds are given to homicide suspects. This was before Putney announced the police department would stop monitoring homicide suspect on ankle monitors.

“First I’d say that when a person is accused, they’re accused and under our system they’re presumed innocent. Our state system says everyone, except in very limited circumstances, is entitled to release pre-trial," said Judge Elizabeth Trosch.

The other new conditions of Sio-Somah’s release is he must be supervised at the house by someone over the age of 21 and he had to forfeit a passport if he owned one.

We reached out to Sio-Somah’s lawyer but have not received a comment back.

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