Neighbors on edge after another attempted break-in near Murrayville

Neighbors on edge after another attempted break-in near Murrayville

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover County sheriff’s deputies are investigating an alleged attempted break-in in the Murrayville area Saturday night.

Lt. Jerry Brewer tells WECT a man left home for about 20 minutes on Saturday night and came home to hear the sound of a window breaking in the back of his house on Sapling Circle.

The man told investigators he thought he saw someone take off into the woods.

The sheriff’s department used their chopper to search the area but did not find anyone. Neighbors, already on edge after a series of reported assaults, another attempted break-in, and a report of strange noises in a woman’s yard in the same general area, say they are on edge.

“It’s altered my lifestyle. You know I’m concerned at night coming on the house when it’s dark," Meadowbrook resident Brittin Randolph said. "I’ve upgraded my alarm system, and I have bought bear spray. And I’ve put alarms on my pocket book. I am just trying to be proactive. Anytime you feel like there is someone that is trying to attack other citizens your guard is up. And you’re frightened.“

The investigation is ongoing. Investigators say they don’t have enough information at this point to tell if any of these crimes are connected.

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