Gov. Cooper delivers furniture, money to Market North residents

Gov. Cooper delivers furniture, money to Market North residents

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Gov. Roy Cooper visited Market North Apartments Thursday, one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Florence. During his visit, residents who were displaced for over a year received new furniture and money.

“We didn’t have ceiling fans or none of that but it’s income based. It’s what I could afford. But they look so much nicer now,” said Sarah Evans.

Evans is a mother of four who had lived in the Market North Community since 2015 until Florence hit..

“Everything that we had got soaking wet. Like lieterally, everything. Except for the clothes that we had but big things like furniture, we had to get rid of,” she said.

After being forced out of their home, Evans and her children lived with friends for a few weeks.

“And then after that we stayed in a motel for over seven months. And then we went to Leland and stayed in a FEMA trialer for the time being,” she said.

They finally moved back home to Market North two weeks ago.

Thanks to The Green Chair Project and the Red Cross, returning families got brand new furniture delivered to make their house feel like home.

“I’ve talked to three families who have moved back in and they are ecstatic. They love it here and to be able to move back in and to have home again and to not be displaced, it’s a big deal," said Governor Roy Cooper.

Now in a remodeled apartment with brand new furniture and even decorations for the holidays, Evans and her kids can finally say they’re home.

"It’s amazing. It’s so exciting. It’s overwhelming really,” she said.

According to Robin Worley Gore, property manager of Market North Apartments, residents in two-bedroom apartments got $750. Residents in three-bedroom units received $1,000. Gore says the furniture and money will be given only to returning residents.

“This is a blessing for the residents to help them with moving expenses and to be able to return to their home at Market North,” Gore says.

An outside view of the newly renovated Market North Apartments
An outside view of the newly renovated Market North Apartments (Source: wect)

Gore says the residents who have been away since Hurricane Florence devastated the apartment complex on September 14, 2018 are happy to be back home

“It is also an emotional time when you hand the residents the key to their home and they have tears of joy,” she says.

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