Leaders explore plans to address flooding issues on Canal Drive

Leaders explore plans to address flooding issues on Canal Drive
Several blocks of Canal Drive in Carolina Beach is closed Monday morning due to flooding. (Source: WECT)

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - The Town of Carolina Beach hosted an open house Tuesday night for residents to speak out about flooding issues that have plagued the island for years.

Carolina Beach resident and civil engineer Dale Walters proposed a plan that he says will finally fix the decades-long flooding problem long-term. Walters explained that after studying data that indicates a growing trend in sea-level rise, he believes that the smartest option will require building infrastructure that can handle even greater flooding than what the area is already facing.

“We’re dealing with about 18 inches of water over the next 30 years, that can be fixed and we need the tools to do that,” Waters said.

Walters believes the project will eventually be approved.

“I think that once it’s understood and the financial ramifications of doing nothing are well understood, people are going to embrace this sort of solution because the alternative is catastrophic,” Walters said.

Jerry Hall has lived on Canal Drive for over two decades and has experienced the flooding countless times. He says that he feels optimistic for the first time that the problem may finally be fixed once and for all.

“We know more now than we did before and hopefully we’re on a path to get it fixed and if you don’t do anything, its going to get worse and it’s going to be a huge economic impact,” Hall said.

Carolina Beach mayor Joe Benson explained that the town flood committee, public works, and the police department have been working on solutions for 18 months.

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