Ohio rescuers traveling to China to save dogs scheduled for slaughter as part of meat trade

Ohio rescuers traveling to China to save dogs scheduled for slaughter as part of meat trade
Buckeye Bulldog Rescue volunteers will soon travel to China to rescue dogs just like this. (Source: Buckeye Bulldog Rescue)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati area rescuers are preparing to fly overseas to save dozens of dogs that were set to be slaughtered as part of the deadly China meat trade.

Buckeye Bulldog Rescue leaders are sending their volunteers to Asia to help the dogs.

The rescue group’s president and founder, Jessica Potting says she was sent a video that showed the animals on a truck that was headed to a slaughter house.

The dogs, Potting said, were going to be abused and killed as part of the meat trade, which means their meat would later be sold for humans to consume.

“It’s believed that if they’re tortured that the meat is actually considered better for consumption, and I just felt compelled to help," Potting said.

Animal advocates in China saved the dogs by stopping the truck and then laying down in front of it.

“It’s not actually legal in most parts of China, so when the authorities arrived, they were able to confiscate the dogs," Potting said.

Some of the pups now have health issues, Potting explains.

“One had a prolapsed urethra, so she had to have surgery due to some of the abuse that she sustained," Potting said.

It is not uncommon, per Humane Society International, for animals to be forced into the Asian meat trade to experience starvation, dehydration, broken bones and diseases before they die.

The dogs, Potting says, are escaping death for a new life.

“It’s really unfortunate," Potting mused. "It’s really terrible and unthinkable for us here in the states who are used to having our dogs sleep on the couch with us.”

Volunteers from around Ohio, including some from Cincinnati, will make the trek to Asia at the end of the month.

Once the dogs return to the states and get medical care, Potting says it will not be long before they are up for adoption.

“We’re excited to be able to help in that capacity and see them, see the change that they’ll be able to make from when they first get here to being in their adoptive homes,” Potting said.

Buckeye Bulldog rescuers are asking for donations to help cover the cost of the operation, which is expected to be thousands of dollars. They are also looking for foster families.

You can learn more about the rescue on Facebook or on the rescue’s website.

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