Recount held Wilmington City Council race

Recount set for today in Wilmington City Council race

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The New Hanover County Board of Elections conducted a recount Thursday for the Wilmington City Council race.

The results of the recount didn’t change the outcome of the election. Each candidate picked up one additional vote each. Paul Lawler was still behind Neil Anderson by five votes.

Though the recount began Thursday morning, an issue with the software used to count ballots delayed the results into the evening.

Due to the software issue, the recount numbers are considered unofficial until the votes are recounted again Friday.

Incumbent Paul Lawler requested the recount following a canvass of the votes in the municipal election earlier this month.

Lawler, who was running for a second term, finished five votes behind fellow incumbent Neil Anderson in the race for the third open seat on council, 5,471 votes to 5,466. Incumbent Margaret Haynes and challenger Kevin Spears won the other two seats with enough votes to avoid a recount.

On Friday, Nov. 22, the Columbus County Board of Elections will conduct a recount in the Sandyfield Town Council race.

Azalie Graham was the leader in that race with 60 votes, followed by Joseph Brown with 58 votes. Claudia Bray and Randolph Keaton finished tied for the third open seat with 57 votes each.

The Columbus County recount is scheduled for 10 a.m. at the county’s board of elections office.

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