Kure Beach looking to improve storm water system

Kure Beach looking to improve storm water system

KURE BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - Leaders in Kure Beach are looking to make improvements to the town’s storm water system after Hurricane Florence exposed a few flaws.

“Storm water projects are very important activities for our citizens right now,” says Kure Beach mayor Craig Bloszinsky. “After Hurricane Florence, we had a tremendous amount of water and nothing we designed could have handled that much water. We’re looking at some of the things we can do to ensure are as limited as possible.”

The town has hired a contractor to come in and do an inventory of what storm water systems they have to determine potential upgrades. The town has already started their own assessment on the worst areas by breaking the town into sections.

“The extreme north part of town drains through ditches, mostly to the river,” says Bloszinsky. “When we walk the ditches we see that there is some of the land that belongs to the federal government and there could be some blockages. We have worked with our friends at MOTSU and they have worked with us very well and we have identified areas and we will continue to go in together and make sure those areas are not creating back-flow.”

Town Council met Wednesday to discuss these issues, and are hoping to is to get regular feedback on what the status of the project from the contractor.

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