Kure Beach Commissioners address coyote concerns

Kure Beach Commissioners address coyote concerns

KURE BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - Kure Beach commissioners took time during their regular town council meeting Wednesday evening to address public concerns about coyotes in the area.

Commissioners say they’ve received several emails and phone calls from people who are concerned about coyotes in the area. Mayor Craig Bloszinsky says about one hundred people showed up to a public information session on coyotes last year.

On Wednesday, Commissioner John Ellen shared some of the same information on normal coyote behavior and things that tend to attract and deter the animals from coming near people and property.

Many beach towns are discussing the possibilities of coyote population management after Bald Head Island moved to begin trapping the animals this year after sea turtle nests were found destroyed.

Commissioners say they’re discussing the legal options of a joint management plan with neighboring towns, but at this point, there is no plan to begin trapping in Kure Beach.

Mayor Bloszinsky said they want to do what’s right for both people and the environment.

One of the chief concerns about coyotes in residential areas is the threat to small pets.

The Humane Society recommends two steps to keep your animals safe:

  • Watch your pets. Keep cats indoors, and never leave small dogs outside unsupervised or let any dog out of your yard off leash.
  • Secure food sources. Store garbage in wildlife-proof containers and feed pets indoors."

You can find information on coyotes and the legal rights of property owners through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and through the Humane Society of the United States.

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