Opening pushed back for mysterious Wilmington eatery

Opening pushed back for mysterious Wilmington eatery

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - If you’ve driven down South College Road in Wilmington, chances are you’ve seen the neon countdown sign outside a new restaurant next to UNCW.

The original hope was to open TacoRoos in mid-November, but it appears the business is still far from opening. In fact, the restaurant is still working to hire employees.

The general manager couldn’t give specifics about the restaurant but did confirm it is owned by Cookout and will be the first eatery of its kind in the nation.

He said they missed their target open date, so they changed their sign to now read “opening soon,” as it’s unclear when it will officially open.

TacoRoos has generated buzz around the community with no information about the establishment anywhere to be found online. Several people have speculated about the mysterious restaurant on Reddit.

Now, only time will tell when we will learn what it’s all about.

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