Lovesick turkey chases US mail truck through neighborhood every day

This is a fowl relationship

Turkey stalks postal worker on daily route

BROOKFIELD, Wisc. (Gray News) – With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a smart turkey would be laying low this time of year.

But not this Wisconsin bird, this tom is enamored with a U.S. Postal Service truck.

Sherry Michaels captured the turkey’s antics in her neighborhood west of Milwaukee.

“Our poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month!” she said on Facebook this week. “This turkey has been stalking the mail truck throughout the entire neighborhood. … Oh, gosh. This is so funny.”

Our poor mail carrier has been dealing with this for a month! 😂🦃🚐🍽 #usps

Posted by Sherry Michaels on Monday, November 18, 2019

Her video shows the mail carrier’s feathery friend chasing the truck from house to house, even circling the vehicle during its stops. It’s the same behavior mating males exhibit in the wild.

Is it love?

The turkey’s not saying, but social media is gobbling up this video. The post has more than 2 million views.

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