COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Cracking the code on coding

COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Cracking the code on coding
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PENDER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Mr. Kukor is hoping to help his students at Pender Early College High School crack the code on coding with some hands-on activities to help improve their skills.

A group of students have formed a coding club with plans to build a review game for all classes to use, a solar charging station for phones and computer in the school courtyard, in addition to building a scoreboard for the multipurpose room.

“I am so excited they have planned several projects to improve their school for everyone, not just themselves,” Kukor wrote in a post on the Donors Choose website in hopes of getting the project funded.

The teacher is asking for donations to purchase Aurduino and Raspberry Pi kits to help the students design, construct and code these projects. The kits will also help the students build their portfolios for potential employers.

"Coding builds soft skills such as organization, resilience, communication and focus - necessary skills employers are looking for," Kukor posted.

Kukor set a goal of $972, but still needs a little over $500 for this project. Once it's fully funded, Donors Choose, an online charity organization, will purchase the Aurduino and Raspberry Pi kits and deliver them to the school.

Click here if you would like to help these students with a donation.

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