Tips to prevent overeating and that sluggish feeling on Thanksgiving

Tips to prevent overeating and that sluggish feeling on Thanksgiving - Part 1

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - We have approached the time of year when we tend to indulge more. With Thanksgiving dinner, work holiday parties, and all the Christmas treats, it’s hard to resist the fatty, carb-filled foods, but there is a way to still enjoy those without derailing your health and fitness goals.

Jeff Washington, the head trainer at Burn Boot Camp Wilmington, visited the WECT studios to share some tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving while doing some healthy eating and keeping good habits.

The first tip, Eat breakfast the morning of. Choose a protein and a lot of it. Turkey is a great source of lean protein and it fills you up so you’re less likely to pile the mashed potatoes on your plate.

Thanksgiving is a good time to practice a little bit of self-restraint. Before jumping right in and filling up your plate, take a good look at it and think about what you would be putting in your body.

Think about seconds before getting them just because the food is there. After you clean your plate, give your body time to sense the food. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes before your brain realizes that your stomach is full. This could help you avoid a stomach ache, as well.

Go easy on the alcohol and drink plenty of water. The calories in alcohol can add up quickly, especially when paired with juices and soda. Be sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day and in between drinks to curb any overindulgence in alcohol. Water will also keep you hydrated while you consume salty foods.

Be realistic when it comes to eating around the holidays. This time of year is over 60 days. If you keep saying “it’s the holidays, I can splurge this time of year," there’s no question that you’ll see a weight gain or have to go up a pant size. Try to plan ahead and make good choices as often as possible. Keep it healthy and strive to maintain your weight that way when you do indulge, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Try to focus on people, not food. The food is a huge part of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that’s not what it’s all about. Celebrate the holiday with conversation and company, rather than carbs and calories.

Jeff came up with an at-home workout for you do to when you’ve got company and can’t make it to the gym or the gym is closed because of the holiday.

Tips to prevent overeating and that sluggish feeling on Thanksgiving - Part 2

Holiday At-Home Workout EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

  • Give yourself 45 seconds to set your reps/pace.
  • After that, every minute on the minute, your goal is to complete those reps as fast as possible that way you can get in a few seconds of rest before going again at the top of the minute.
  • Complete a total of five round of each exercise
  1. Squats (air squats, jump squats, etc.)
  2. Sit-ups
  3. Push-ups
  4. Lunges (walking, forward, backward, etc.)
  5. Burpees

Those are just some ideas. You can change the exercise to your liking. Feel free to incorporate weights, a jump rope, resistance bands, etc. The important thing is to keep moving. The more you move, the more you can enjoy this holiday season.

Burn Boot Camp is offering a free workout on Thanksgiving day at 8 a.m. for anyone to participate in. For more information, call 910-821-8861.

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