PinkSocks founder spreads message of empathy, connection and kindness during keynote speech at Cucalorus

PinkSocks founder is keynote speaker at Cucalorus

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - This week, Cucalorus celebrates 25 years of bringing filmmakers together in Wilmington for a festival that includes movies, stage performances and thought-provoking discussions.

This year’s event explores themes of health, finance and social justice, with films and discussions about equitable housing, capitalism, block chain and racial injustice.

The festival, Nov. 13-17, in Downtown Wilmington, featured keynote speaker, Nick Adkins, co-founder of Pinksocks Life, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting human connection around the world by socially supporting other public charities.

Adkins said the socks create connections and spark conversations.

“The simple act of wearing some fun, funky pink socks that have mustaches and puzzle pieces on it can be a catalyst to have authentic connections every day,” he said.

Adkins found his movement quickly spread, which led him to form a non-profit.

“It’s over 100,000 people now all around the world that believe a very simple message," Adkins said. "That messages is that the world is full of good and when you believe it you see it.”

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