Students wait hours to get into UNCW/UNC game

Students wait hours to get into UNCW/UNC game

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Some UNCW students spent most of Friday waiting in line in hopes of getting into the men’s basketball game versus UNC.

Chloe Arnette was first in line when staff began checking student ids in exchange for their free student tickets to the game. She says she spent Thursday night in the library and periodically checked to see if anyone had gotten in line.

She made the call to line up at 7 a.m.

“It’s been pretty quiet until 1 p.m., I guess that’s when classes got over today and everybody came out and now we got it all the way to parking lot, it’s crazy,” Arnette said.

Arnette wore a Carolina sweatshirt under a jean jacket at the front of the line and says she’s passionate about Division I college basketball.

“Carolina has been my boys since I can remember. I just grew up in a household where every time Carolina was playing basketball we were in the living room watching it,” she said.

Second in line, Sade Braswell sported a UNCW t-shirt under her coat and said she’s pulling for the Seahawks.

“Honestly, UNCW because I grew up in a [NC] State household, so, anything that was Carolina was just a no... so UNCW,” Braswell said.

According the the UNCW website, 1,200 tickets are reserved as free spots for full-time students to every home men’s basketball game. However, Arnette says students received an email saying there were only 900 student tickets available with 300 of those going to members of the Student Seahawk Club.

Students were given free teal t-shirts as they entered Trask Coliseum. By 6:05 p.m., all of the free student tickets were handed out and roughly 100 students were left empty-handed.

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