Brenda Bozeman wins 5th term as Leland Mayor in landslide victory

Brenda Bozeman wins 5th term as Leland Mayor in landslide victory

LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - Brenda Bozeman has been re-elected as Mayor of Leland for a fifth consecutive year in a landslide victory against opponent Shirley Lawler.

Bozeman received 77.46 percent of the votes. Lawler garnered 22.28 percent and write in candidates took the remaining portion.

“I’m feeling pretty good right now and it always makes you feel good when you’ve got the confidence of the other people of your town behind you. It’s just always exciting seeing them come in and showing you the love and they mean it from their heart,” Bozeman said after learning of her victory.

She has served as mayor for the past four years, but has a long history of public service to the town.

“I’ve worked very, hard for my town for many, many years. I was on council for eight years before mayor, and on planning board before that. So I know the history and I know where we’ve come from, and I know the vision of what we’ve got for the future,” she said.

Bozeman talked about the race perhaps most people were interested in this year, that for two seats on the H2GO Board of Commissioners.

“There’s been a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of things not too nice with the H2GO stuff and I want to see that mend. I want to see our community come together and be the community we should be,” she said.

Bozeman said the ongoing issue, and other projects must be finished before the town takes on any new projects.

“I have always wanted a regional solution for our water because it’s county wide and I have family all over the county. I want us all to have safe, clean water. But if it brings my community back together by going ahead and building another RO plant just for this area, I’ll do what’s necessary to make that happen,” she said.

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