Warning about Facebook Messenger scams

Warning about Facebook Messenger scams
Scammers hack into Facebook accounts and steal pictures to create fake pages. Then they message you about to lure you into the latest scam. (Source: {WBRC})

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT/WCSC) - So, you pop open Facebook and you have a message from a person you know-- and yet the contents of that message just don’t seem right. Often times it will simply say, ‘Are you in this video?’ or ‘Hey, you’ve qualified for a grant.’

Don't open the message or click on ANY links.

“Once you click on whatever they’re wanting you to click on, there’s no telling what sort of information you’re allowing some scammer to come in and take off your computer," Dave Smitherman with the Better Business Bureau said.

It’s happening all over the country. We found several instances in the BBB scamtracker online. A scammer will use a name you’re familiar with to trick you into opening something up. But you need to think about why your cousin or old high school classmate would send you a message like this.

The fake message is probably after your personal information or if they are offering you something they will always want you to pay money upfront for your reward or prize.

So if you get one of these, don’t open it up. You can check directly with that friend or family member to see if they actually sent you a message. Also if you get one of these, report it to Facebook.

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