Record numbers for local dentists Halloween candy buyback program

Local dentist offers Halloween candy buyback program

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A Wilmington dentist office bought Halloween candy so the temptation to finish it before Christmas wasn’t there.

Bozart Family Dentistry gave $1 for every pound of candy you give up to five pounds. That candy will be sorted and put into care packages to be shipped off to troops overseas.

“It’s always good not to eat too much candy," said Rachal Whitsett, the Clinical Administrator for Bozart. "We can gather it and spread it out among a bunch of soldiers so that’s good. It’s just healthier not to eat a big, huge bag of candy.”

If you decided to keep your sweets, it’s important to know which ones are really bad for teeth, especially children.

1. Hard candies & lollipops. These keep sugar in your mouth for the longest time.

2. Chewy candy, like caramels and Starbursts. These get stuck in between teeth.

3. Candy with fillings. A lot of popular chocolate bars have fillings and these can also get stuck in between teeth.

“There’s a lot of hard, sticky candy you’re not supposed to eat," said Rebecca George, the lead Orthodontic Assistant at Bozart. “It can damage the braces. It can prolong your treatment. So we give them other options in their goodie bags that aren’t going to alter or delay their treatment. They still get a treat, but not the stuff they can’t eat.”

Local dentist offers Halloween candy buyback program

Here are some better options when it comes to candies:

  • Sugar-free gum and candies.
  • Powdered candy. These are quick to dissolve and can be poured directly on the tongue.
  • Chocolate.

When indulging in Halloween candy, just remember to enjoy in moderation. Experts suggest eating candy with meals instead of eating the candy as a snack alone.

For more information about Halloween candy and what it does to your teeth, visit Bozart Family Dentistry’s website.

You can bring your candy to both Bozart locations: the Monkey Junction office or the Shipyard Blvd. office on Saturday, Nov. 2. When you sell your candy, you also get a goodie bag and you’re entered into a drawing for a chance to win tickets to the Fort Fisher Aquarium and/or an electric toothbrush.

To learn more about the national Halloween Candy Buy Back program, click here.

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