Kicker leading the way for the New Hanover football special teams

New Hanover kicker

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - When it comes to kickers, the New Hanover Wildcats have one of the best in the country in senior Owen Daffer.

“He has a great leg and you can play field position with him,” said New Hanover coach Dylan Dimock. “We feel like we have points if we get to the thirty. It could be one of those games where a couple of points here, a couple of points there, make the difference. He’s in an incredible weapon.”

Daffer has made a field goal from 50 yards this season and believes he can make them from father out, if needed.

“With the wind at my back, I feel like I could hit 65 easy,” said Daffer. “If it’s a good amount of wind, I think I could hit 65.”

And because of the high school rules for missed field goals, he could get that opportunity.

“If you kick it and it gets to the endzone they get the ball on the twenty,” said Dimock. “So, they can’t bring it out of the endzone. So, if I think he has a chance of making it, I’ll have him kick it.”

Recruiting services rank Daffer as the 12th best kicker in the country, but still hasn’t received a single division one scholarship offer.

“It is kind of frustrating because all of the work I have put in,” said Daffer. “Like the other position, I feel like I have put in as much work as other people that have offers. It is a little frustrating but just keep being resilient.”

Daffer will get a chance to show off his skills in the Polynesian Bowl on January 18, 2020, in Hawaii. The Blow is a showcase for the best high school football players in the country.

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