‘Irate, hysterical, a wreck’: Mom recalls car crashing into 7-year-old son at bus stop

Mother of 7-year-old hit by car at bus stop has a message for drivers

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Mahonna McDonald-James and her neighbors know the road they live on is a dangerous one, especially for children. They speculated that somebody would get hurt sooner or late, she just didn’t think it would be her son.

On Monday, her 7-year-old son had to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to his school bus that had its stop arm out and red lights flashing. The child was hit by a car before he could make it.

“[I was] Angry, irate, hysterical, a wreck. First thing I did was grab my son and ask him if he was okay," said Mcdonald-James. "He said, ‘yes mom,’ he was okay.”

McDonald-James and her neighbor, Jessie Brodie, both have children who stand at the bus stop. Luckily for Brodie, she was able to grab her child before he took off after his friend.

“Everybody needs to keep an eye on their children," said Brodie. " You don’t know what these kids are going to do and you don’t know what the drivers are going to do even though they should stop."

The neighbors believe something should be done, not only in light of the second-grader getting hit, but with all the bus accidents that have happened around the county recently.

“I feel like people aren’t taking school buses as important as anything else is. These little kids’ lives are just as important as anything else that the law has to make rules and regulations for," said McDonald-James. “At the end of the day, its all about coming together, law enforcement, everybody just doing a community thing right here, it’s just not one particular person.”

While her son has cuts on his face and continues to be sore, McDonald-James said he is back in school and teachers, students and even the bus driver have all sent cards or stopped by to wish him a fast recovery.

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