Police: Florida woman dislocated son’s jaw when he wouldn’t stop playing Fortnite, take a shower

The boy is just 10 years old

Police: Florida woman dislocated son’s jaw when he wouldn’t stop playing Fortnite, take a shower
Police said Ann Perugia punched her 10-year-old son in the face, dislocating his jaw, when he wouldn't stop playing Fortnite and take a shower. (Source: Volusia County Jail)

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. (Gray News) - Ann Perugia and her 10-year-old son have different versions of what happened at her home Wednesday evening.

But after seeing the child’s dislocated jaw and finding scratches on his body, the South Dayton Police Department arrested the 35-year-old.

“This malicious act also caused her son unjustifiable pain and injury,” police said in an incident report reviewed by WFTV. “This act has no valid reason to subject the child to that kind of punishment for failing to listen to his mother.”

It started when she picked him up from school on Wednesday. She told him he could play Fortnite with his friends until 7 p.m. After that, it would be shower time, the Miami Herald reported.

The clock struck 7 p.m. and the boy was still deep into the game. Ten minutes after the hour, Perugia asked him if he had taken a shower.

“No,” he said. In a stern voice only a mother could deliver, Perugia instructed the boy to “get in the shower,” police said.

That’s where their stories split.

The boy claimed he got up and started to move toward the bathroom only to have his “irate” mom “charge” at him. While they were in the bathroom, the boy said his mother nailed him in the face with a closed-fist punch.

He said she demanded his phone because he had it hidden somewhere in the house. Eventually, the boy called his dad.

In Perugia’s version of the evening, she claimed the boy stomped his way into the bathroom, so she followed him to confront him about his attitude.

She claimed he yelled, “I hate you and you don’t do anything for me,” at her before she left the room. The next thing she remembered seeing was the boy packing a bag and calling his dad.

Perugia said the boy tried to leave, so she grabbed him by the arm and brought him back inside the house. She said he walked outside again and threw rocks at her car.

His dad found him outside with a bag of clothes and some shoes. The dad told police Perugia instructed him to take his child and leave.

The child’s aunt reported the incident to law enforcement and his father pressed charges for child abuse.

Perugia is being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail for infliction of mental and physical injury to a child.

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