Boy’s pacemaker fails and his heart stops, SRO and nurse bring him back

SRO and school nurse save the life of a student

MADISON COUNTY, Fla. (WCTV/Gray News) – A Madison County boy is considered a walking miracle.

Melivn Crumity, otherwise known as MJ, was revived after his pacemaker failed and his heart stopped during school last Tuesday.

The school resource officer, Joseph Knight, and school nurse, Annie Dyke, are credited with saving his life.

The incident happened at Madison County Central School. MJ was playing dodgeball in gym class and the last thing he remembers is sitting on the bench.

Knight was getting ready to direct traffic for the school zone when he got a call over the radio that a child was having a seizure.

"I bolted to my truck or my patrol vehicle and drove down to the gym to find him unresponsive lying on the gym floor," Knight said.

When Knight got to the gym, he found MJ lifeless and called for help.

"They are saying, 'He is not breathing,' and you are just saying, 'I got to get there, got to get there, got to get there,'" said Annie Dyke, the school health coordinator and nurse.

Stacy Davis, MJ's mother, said the experience was emotional.

"My son died on that floor, and you revived him y'all. It was so heartbreaking," she said.

Davis received the call while at work in Lake Park, Georgia. The receptionist told her cousin, who called Davis and told her the news.

She thought it was a joke, not realizing that Knight and Dyke were doing everything they could to save her son.

"Oh man, my heart dropped three or four times," she said. "I just went to praying. I went to crying. I was so hysterical, like this cannot happen."

It was a call she hopes to never receive again.

Davis said she first started seeing signs of her son having difficulty breathing when he was 3-years-old.

In 2008, MJ had open heart surgery. A dual pacemaker and AED were implanted.

There had been no problems in the past, until his heart stopped that Tuesday.

Knight said it still feels surreal.

"You still replay it a million times in your head and analyze different scenarios, and you think, 'Is there anything more I could have don?'," he said. "And you just come to the realization that we did what we could with the equipment we had available."

The two used an automatic defibrillator and gave chest compressions to save MJ. The 14-year-old's heart was restarted by the hands of Knight and Dyke.

"I don't think I would be here right now if it were not for them," MJ said.

Davis said the swift actions of Knight and Dyke saved her son.

"I can say if it wasn't for them, he would not be alive," Davis said. "Even the doctor says the reactionary time was what made a difference."

Just six days after the incident, MJ feels healthy and strong His pacemaker was reprogrammed and his medication was adjusted.

But seeing him for the first time down the halls since the incident, is a sight Knight and Dyke never thought would come.

"We have told him that he is a walking miracle and that God has special plans for him," Dyke said. "He is here for a reason and I hope whatever he wants, that his dreams come true."

Davis expressed complete gratitude for those who had a role to play in bringing her son back to life. Knight said his EMT background was helpful in acting quickly. Dyke said although the worst was thought, they were prepared for anything.

Davis said MJ is shy, and the love and kindness from Dyke and Knight have allowed him to open up. She said she is very thankful that they are in his life.

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