UNCW concludes Global Marine Science Summit

UNCW concludes Global Marine Science Summit

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - UNCW’s Marine Science Summit ended Friday after three days of lectures featuring scientists from all over the world.

Scientists from 25 different countries came together to discuss issues and exchange ideas about a variety of topics including the problems plaguing marine ecosystems, climate change and steps to improve the economic development of coastal regions.

The summit is part of Chancellor Sartorelli’s continuing mission to use UNCW as a lightning rod for scientific research across the globe. Dr. Lynn A. Leonard organized the event and she says that the summit was so successful, they are already planning the next one.

“I am super excited about this, it’s been amazing, personally as a researcher, as the interim director for the Center of Marine Science, it’s been a great opportunity to showcase what our faculty do, letting our international colleagues learn about the Wilmington area; our students have been engaged in the event and I would just say overall, it has just been better than I ever could have imagined it would be and we are so excited to be able to do it again.”

Chris Hauton is a professor of ecomarine physiology from the University of Southampton and this is his first time visiting UNCW.

“UNCW has a fantastic reputation around the world but actually being here and seeing the facilities, i’m simply blown away by the facilities that they have here and the investment and the infrastructure that they have here to conduct marine science, its truly amazing," Hauton said.

Hauton explained how events like this are also important for our coastal communities because they can gain knowledge from others dealing with similar problems around the world.

“I think that its generally accepted that a lot of these major problems that we face in the marine sector is going to require organizations and countries to come together so I think international opportunities like this are key to our future success,” Hauton said.

This is only the second Global Marine Science Summit held by UNCW and the university has already announced that it will hold another in 2021.

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