Caswell Beach cottage survived Hurricane Hazel 65 years ago. It’s ready for new owners

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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) -Tuesday, October 15th, marks the 65th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel’s arrival in North Carolina.

It was a monster storm that left historic destruction in its wake as it barreled into the coast of North and South Carolinas. Before it was over, 95 people in this country were killed.

On Caswelll Beach, is a two bedroom cottage that defied the odds. The home known as the “old Barn” survived, when so many other’s didn’t. The oceanfront property was built back in 1935. Kathleen Baylies with “Just of Buyers Realty” says this unique property is proof, bigger isn’t always better.

“First, it’s age plays a role in setting it apart from typical oceanfront homes” says Baylies. “It’s relatively small, with two bedrooms, two full baths and and about 1350 square feet. Therein, lies it’s charm.”

The house is a recent oceanfront remold nestled behind protective dunes.

A wraparound deck hugs the house. A large second deck sits atop the dunes and gives you an 180 degree view of the beach. The property also has its own pool and private cabana.

“It’s a home that lives large even though it’s small” says Baylies. “A unique property with an interesting history and a future that should make one homeowner very happy.”

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