Evangelist Franklin Graham visits Wilmington for “Tar Heel State” tour

Evangelist Franklin Graham visits Wilmington for “Tar Heel State” tour

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Franklin Graham is touring the country and his stop in Wilmington at Legion Stadium brought out over 8,000 people wanting to hear the Word.

His message was clear and covered multiple high profile topics going on in the United States. Franklin said, we alone as humans cannot fix the divisiveness in the country, only God can.

“When we confess our sins and turn to His son, Jesus Christ by faith, he changes our hearts," said Graham. "Its through Christ he can bring republicans and democrats and people of different races and ethnicities together. It’s through Christ.”

For many, including Cecilia Lacy, the topic hit home. Lacy was raised by two ministers and believes everybody is raised with values and principles, and through those principles will the country thrive.

“If we come together under the principles that god has taught us and under the biblical principals we’ll come together and be able to do what’s best for the country,” said Lacy.

Graham spoke to the religious crowd and before asking everybody to pray out loud he asked them to pray for President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and the state of north Carolina among a few other politicians.

He has spoken openly about his opposition of the ongoing impeachment inquiry of the President and didn’t stop here. Saying an impeachment would only prove to weaken our country.

“They’ve been trying to impeach him since the day he took office," said Graham. "It was Russia’s collusion, then it was obstruction of justice and when that didn’t work now its whistle blower. And I just think if we keep going down this road its going to destroy our country.”

All-in-all an overwhelming part of his listeners nodded and clapped as he spoke of the division between political parties and social groups. All he asked was that they be prayed for, and his message was heard.

“Its not one party, it’s not one person," said Lacy. "It’s not one principal except for the principal of trusting in God and what God can do for this country.”

Graham now moves on to Raleigh where he has an event Sunday and then he’ll visit Greensboro, Hickory, Charlotte and Asheville as he wraps up the Tar Heel State tour.

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