Man in shark onesie violently shoves McDonald’s manager, police say

Man in shark onesie violently shoves McDonald’s manager, police say
Police in Texas are looking for the man who violently shoved a female McDonald's manager while he wore a shark onesie. (Source: Southlake Police Department)

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (Gray News) - From the very moment a group of five walked into a McDonald’s in suburban Dallas Saturday evening, the workers knew they were in for an unusual encounter.

Even so, they didn’t expect things to turn violent.

Southlake police said four of them behaved themselves. They were “courteous, cool and acting normal,” police said.

One of them, however, was none of the above. Wearing a shark onesie, one man erratically paced back and forth as his chums placed their orders.

When they were seated, he kept going. Eventually, he ended up at the register, telling the cashier he should get free food because he’d lost his wallet.

To his chagrin, the cashier declined. The man didn’t like that.

Police said he stormed outside the restaurant, still fuming, hungry and pacing about.

To prevent him from becoming a threat, the staff locked the doors. His well-behaved friends were allowed to stay and fin-ish their meal.

Again, this didn’t sit well with the man. Investigators said he began banging on the glass to signal one of the women in his group to let him in.

The manager told the group if they unlocked the door, the party would have to reunite with their friend outside. They agreed, gathered their things and reconnected with their shark-dressed friend in the parking lot, who was still pacing and fuming at the gills.

They were just about in the car when he rushed back to the door and started banging again. Concerned something might be wrong, the workers opened the door.

This time, they were met with an accusation. The man claimed it was actually the employees who had stolen his wallet.

He struggled to force his way back inside and might have made it through the doorway had the manager not been there to block his path. Not deterred, police said he gave her a violent shove.

That prompted another employee to intervene. The staff managed to keep him out and get the door locked again.

Officers are asking for the public’s help reeling him in. They released surveillance photos of him and described him as 5′5″ with blond hair, brown eyes and a beard.

His friends are not wanted for any wrongdoing, so their faces have been blurred.

Some days, the clouds just part and a brilliant lone ray of light shines down for a crime bulletin. That day…is today. ...

Posted by Southlake DPS on Monday, September 30, 2019

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