’I saw my baby almost die right before my eyes’: County commissioner shares terrifying story of daughter’s overdose

County commissioner shares terrifying story of daughter’s overdose

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - During a luncheon regarding the opioid epidemic crisis in New Hanover County, Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield divulged how his own family has been impacted. Barfield said his 24-year-old daughter nearly died Monday after overdosing on opioids on a couch in the lobby of a doctor’s office.

"I saw my baby almost die right before my eyes — I was right there with her and to see her lifeless body, it shook me like never before to the point that I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about my kid and the pain that she’s in,” Barfield said.

Barfield said his daughter’s struggle is one his family has been fighting for the better part of a year.

He broke down as he shared his painful story while speaking at the luncheon which brought together public officials, pastors, community leaders, judges, and district attorneys — all to discuss ways to combat the opioid epidemic in the Cape Fear area.

“This is something that hits every home and it’s more important now, more than ever, to come together as a community to help fight," Barfield said.

The commission chair praised the county’s efforts to build two drug treatment facilities he said will help men and women who are suffering from addiction.

“I would tell every parent to love your children," Barfield said. "I don’t know what more we could do but love your children, be engaged in their lives, never stop believing and recognize that this, like anything else, is a disease and your child may be struggling but you still have to love on them and recognize that it’s not them but it’s truly a disease.”

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