Climate strikes take place worldwide, including Wilmington

Climate strikes take place worldwide, including Wilmington

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Climate strikes are going on worldwide in Paris, Uganda, Ireland and Wilmington. Climate protesters of all ages paraded around City Hall Friday calling for lawmakers to improve on climate regulations.

“I think the more we can talk about it and make it a well-known fact in the community, the more people will take it seriously and start doing the change," said activist Liana Arden.

A climate group run by UNCW students called 350 Wilmington organized a “die-in” to draw attention to the strike. Everybody taking part in the strike laid down on the ground and acted as though they were dead to simulate what they believe the world could be like years and years down the road if nothing changes.

Dozens of people take part in a climate strike that has resonated worldwide.
Dozens of people take part in a climate strike that has resonated worldwide. (Source: WECT)

Lars Bergstrom and his three daughters, who skipped out on school for the day, attended the demonstration. Bergstrom said he was never sure about a difference that he could personally make until his daughters urged him to start taking climate more seriously.

“I had been aware of this for a long time and just felt like there was nothing personally that I could do about it,” said Bergstrom. “It really took them to show me that I need to step up and I need to make some changes and I need to do something about it and its really helped in changing my everyday life.”

Meagan Bergstrom goes to Ashley High School and said that living at the beach makes the issue of climate change hit close to home at times.

“Beach erosion, it happens everywhere. And hurricanes, because warmer waters mean hurricanes get much stronger," said Meagan Bergstrom. “There’s so many things, so much pollution, warmer climates, everything is connected.”

Meagan says supporting the cause is not always easy.

“When you’re advocating for climate change you kind of feel like you’re alone," said Meagan. "Seeing this rally is inspiring and really cool to see there are people that are like-minded and care for the same things.”

The climate strike comes on the same day that MSNBC held their Climate Forum that questioned 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on how their plans to combat further destruction of our climate.

The climate strike goes through the entire week of September 20 - Sept. 27.

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