Ozzy visits WECT weather team to learn more about storms

Ozzy visits WECT weather team to learn more about storms

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Ozzy Davidson had a fear of storms.

So a few weeks ago, his mom, Natalie, sought the help of our First Alert weather team through Facebook.

Our team jumped into action and invited Ozzy, and his furry sidekick, Spot, to the station.

On Wednesday, he got to ask WECT’s Kellie McGlynn, Eric Davis and Gabe Ross about storms and what makes them so scary.

Now, Ozzy says he won’t be so scared the next time a tornado or thunderstorm pops up near his house.

Gabe: So tell us what you learned today about storms...

Ozzy: I learned that some clouds that are like, all around, that look like funnel clouds, aren’t funnel clouds, they’re called... Skink?

Gabe: Scud.

Ozzy: Scud clouds. They look like funnel clouds, but they’re not.

Gabe: Are you more scared of storms, or less scared of storms after coming to visit us?

Ozzy: Less scared.

Gabe: less scared? Why’s That?

Ozzy: Because you helped me and taught me about them.

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