Southport city officials will meet to discuss improving power grid

Southport city officials will meet to discuss improving power grid

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Southport city officials will meet next Monday to evaluate additional power options and improving the current electric infrastructure.

The meeting will come almost two weeks after the city was impacted by Hurricane Dorian which resulted in the entire city losing power for 24 hours.

Mayor Jerry Dove is considering multiple options for improving the energy situation such as burying the power lines and even rerouting the Southport electric grid entirely.

Only one feeder line links Southport with power but Bruce Oakley, the City Manager for Southport, believes that burying the feeder line will be a huge process so he plans to explore other strategies such as rerouting the line and looking for backup power sources. Some of the backup power sources that he noted include solar, batteries, and generators.

Oakley wants to make sure that they discuss ways to keep the power from going out as well as restoring power more quickly. He notes that the geography of Southport is a factor that must be considered during this discussion.

“We’re looking at anything that can help but it is a tough geography. We’ve got water on two different sides of us and we’re separated by canals to Duke energy so we’ve got a lot of issues that we’re dealing with.”

Oakley believes that burying lines is a priority, explaining that “our number one thing is getting more and more power underground, although we’d still have been out of power during Hurricane Dorian, but not as long if it had been underground.”

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