Neighbors begin to repair homes after tornado damage

Carolina Shores tornado follow up

CAROLINA SHORES, N.C. (WECT) - Neighbors who live in The Farms at Brunswick community are beginning to clean up and repair their homes after an EF2 tornado caused significant damage Thursday morning ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

“I was sitting on my couch drinking coffee, when I heard the wind starting to pick up," said homeowner Michael Terry, who had major damage after the tornado touched down. "I ran into the bedroom to wake up my wife and yelled, ‘move, move, move.' Right when she got to the other side of the bed is when the window exploded.”

Debris still remains through the yards of some of the harder hit streets of this community in Carolina Shores. Tarps now cover roofs of damaged homes, preventing rains from causing even more cleanup issues. Several homes are condemned, deemed unsafe for homeowners to enter.

“We just got back from Maine, and haven’t even been inside yet,” says Linda Lawton, another resident with damage to her home. “We saw pictures and were told of the damage from friends and neighbors, so we knew what it would look like from the outside. But we can’t even see inside until the county building inspector comes. I have antiques, and over 20 photo albums, that I can salvage."

Contractors and insurance adjusters continue to assess the properties for damage.

The one thing that everyone in this community is thankful for is that no lives were lost in this disaster.

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