Exclusive: President Donald Trump speaks to WBTV about Dorian, elections and the RNC

Exclusive: President Donald Trump speaks to WBTV about Dorian, elections and the RNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Heavy hitters were in North Carolina, as both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence returned to the state for a final stump Monday night ahead of the hotly-contested special election for the house seat in NC’s ninth congressional district.

President Trump carved out a few minutes to talk exclusively with WBTV’s Christine Sperow to discuss Hurricane Dorian, NC-9′s special election, the 2020 presidential election and the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

Given the few minutes of time we had with President Trump, we jumped right into the reason he’s here, getting people to vote in the battle of the Dans, in Tuesday’s NC-9 election.

“He wants strong borders he wants to protect your second amendment which as you know is under siege in so many different ways, and Dan Bishop, I think should win,” President Trump said. “McCready I mean the problem is you take a look at what he wants. He wants open borders and sanctuary cities you can’t have that.”

The same confidence the President exuded to win NC-9, he showed when asked about his newest primary challenger former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

“I don’t think there’s much reaction to that. I just got a 94 percent approval rating in the Republican Party. That’s the highest in history. Higher than Ronald Reagan who had an 87,” President Trump said.

Trump responded to Mark Sanford who said that the debt right now is one of the reasons why people shouldn’t re-elect the president.

“Well we had to rebuild our military. Our military has been totally rebuilt. Almost completely rebuilt with new planes which a lot of equipment made right here in NC,” President Trump said. “We have no choice but to rebuild our military and we can start working on that very soon in terms of debt.”

This is not the last North Carolina will see of the president, with Charlotte hosting the Republican National Convention, now less than a year away.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles has expressed that the city welcomes everyone from the RNC with open arms, but they don’t want the hurtful rhetoric.

“Well that’s true the mayor’s been excellent actually and we - many cities wanted us to go there as you know it’s a convention it brings a lot of business a lot of money big economic development frankly and the mayor has been terrific,” President Trump said. “We think hopefully we’ll have a great convention and go on to victory in 2020.”

Before our interview, President Trump tried to visit areas in North Carolina hit hard by Hurricane Dorian, but those plans were scrapped because of bad weather. President Trump says he continues to stay in contact with Gov. Roy Cooper to provide assistance where needed.

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