UNCW classes to resume Monday

UNCW classes to resume Monday

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Officials with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington are taking the next steps to get the campus up and running following Hurricane Dorian.

The University will open its residence halls Sunday at noon and classes are scheduled to resume Monday.

“We are very happy to report that campus is in relatively good shape less than 24 hours after Hurricane Dorian reached our area, sustaining far less damage than it did during Hurricane Florence,” the University said in an email. “Although some residence hall rooms did sustain minor water intrusion in the form of damp/wet ceiling tiles or walls, conditions are nothing at all like they were post-Florence. To the best of our knowledge at this point, bearing in mind we have not yet completed residence hall inspections, there does not seem to be damage to students’ personal belongings in rooms.”

Instructors will have flexibility in determining how to make up for lost instructional time.

“We ask for everyone’s patience upon your return to campus. We are working hard to dry any moisture in campus buildings before Monday, but there may still be humidifying units in residence halls and other buildings next week. There may remain minor issues along the lines of wet windowsills and ceiling tiles,” the University wrote.

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